ARM's latest chip designs promise 60 percent faster AI on phones

You can also expect faster graphics.

ARM isn't boasting about PC-crushing performance like it did in 2018, but it still has plenty of swagger going into Computex 2019. The designer has unveiled two new chip architectures that promise giant strides in performance, especially for AI. The Mali-G77 GPU touts 40 percent faster overall graphics than the G76, and a whopping 60 percent increase in machine learning speed. Your phone could handle computer vision, device optimization and similar tasks far more gracefully. The G77 might also avoid killing your battery when it's 30 percent more energy-efficient and uses 40 percent less bandwidth.

The Cortex-A77 CPU design is ultimately a refinement of last year's 7-nanometer A76, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The new hardware claims 20 percent faster instructions-per-clock performance without hurting efficiency, and that translates to roughly 35 times faster machine learning performance than the old A55 (for context, ARM was celebrating a 28-fold boost in February).

As with any ARM design, just when you'll see these in shipping products will depend on chip manufacturers like Qualcomm, Samsung and others implementing the technology in processors. Likewise, don't be surprised if the exact performance gains vary sharply from chip to chip, not to mention device to device. Whatever you get, it's safe to presume that A77-based phones will feel tangibly faster.