Hulu adds an episode shuffle button for 'Seinfeld'

It's marking the 30th anniversary of the show about nothing.

Larry David has always said the mantra for Seinfeld was "no hugging and no learning." In other words, whatever happened in an episode of the enormously successful sitcom, Jerry and the gang wouldn't change. That perhaps made it easier for viewers to dip in and out of random episodes, without necessarily needing to know about long-running storylines. To celebrate the show's 30th anniversary today, Hulu is leaning into that with an episode shuffle button.

When you go to the Seinfeld page in Hulu's Apple TV app, you'll see a button called "Yada Yada Yada." Hitting that will boot up a playlist with a random selection of the show's 180 episodes. It'll only be available through Apple TV for now, but Hulu suggested it might bring the option to other platforms. It'd be neat to see Hulu add the button to other shows as well, but The Handmaid's Tale probably wouldn't be a great fit.