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Epic Games Store celebrates the holidays with 12 free games

The first freebie is 'Into the Breach.'

Fancy a few extra games to play over the holiday season? Start logging into the Epic Games Store. The deep-pocketed Fortnite developer is celebrating the festive season with 12 free games between December 19th and January 1st, 2020. A new offering will pop up each day -- the first was the excellent turn-based strategy title Into the Breach, by FTL: Faster Than Light developer Subset Games -- and be available to download for 24 hours. (If you can't get to a computer, they're also redeemable through a mobile browser.) Once they're in your library, you'll be able to play them forever just like the weekly giveaways that Epic has been offering since June.

In addition, the company is offering everyone a $10 'Epic Coupon.' There are a few restrictions -- the game has to be priced above $15, and it can't be used for in-game purchases, DLC or season passes -- but otherwise you can spend it however you like. As soon as your order goes through, Epic will give you another $10 coupon that you can be spent on a different game. Not a bad way to catch up on the platform's best PC exclusives, which include Borderlands 3, Control, Detroit: Become Human, Journey, John Wick Hex, Metro Exodus, Shenmue 3, The Division 2, The Outer Worlds, Observation, Outer Wilds, Untitled Goose Game, Wattam and What the Golf?