Every HTC Vive Cosmos Elite will come with a copy of 'Half-Life: Alyx'

That includes pre-orders.

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If you're waiting to take delivery of the new VIVE Cosmos Elite which ships today, you're in for a heck of a surprise. HTC has announced that the new headset will come with a free copy of Valve's hotly-anticipated VR exclusive Half-Life: Alyx. You'll receive a redemption code in-box that will unlock the game when it launches on March 23rd.

The game is generally free for Valve Index headset owners, although that device is basically out of stock everywhere -- you'll be waiting a while for it if you put an order in now. Of course, $899 for the Cosmos Elite is a hefty sum to part with for the sake of a free game, but if you're planning on upgrading your kit anyway to enjoy the game to its fullest potential, this offer certainly sweetens the deal.

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