Facebook lets users in the US and Canada move media to Google Photos

The data portability tool rolls out to those users today.

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Facebook users in the US and Canada can now transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos thanks to a new data portability tool. The feature is part of the Data Transfer Project, an agreement between Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter to simplify data transfers. It’s meant to make it easier to move information between services, so that users aren’t locked in to one platform.

Facebook introduced the tool late last year, and it is already available in several other countries. It is rolling out to users in the US and Canada today. To transfer your photos, click “Your Facebook Information” in settings. You’ll see an option to transfer your photos and videos. There’s a drop-down menu to select where you want to send those files, but for now, the only option is Google Photos.

The Data Transfer Project was announced following the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the EU. That legislation requires that companies inside the EU offer data download tools to users. It could also ease antitrust concerns. A few senators are pushing for legislation that would require data portability, and according to Reuters, Facebook is scheduled to appear before the Federal Trade Commission in September to discuss the benefits and challenges.

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Facebook lets users in the US and Canada move media to Google Photos