LG's T90 earbuds come with Dolby Head Tracking technology

The company has also introduced its first fitness-focused model for the product line.

LG Tone Free TF8

LG has launched its Tone Free wireless earbud lineup for 2022, and the new flagship model comes with built-in equalizer and support for Dolby's Head Tracking technology. Similar to Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro, which also has Dolby's 360 audio feature, the T90 has the capability to recalibrate sounds as you move your head to make it appear as if they're truly coming from all around you. LG says the T90s are also the first earbuds to feature an audio virtualizer that Dolby designed for the form factor in order to expand its "spatial dimensionality" for a more immersive experience.

The company's other new Tone Free model is its first fitness-focused earbuds called the Tone Free Fit or TF8, which were designed with a secure fit to keep them in place so they don't fall out in the middle of workout sessions. This model can last for up to 10 hours without its hybrid Active Noise Cancellation switched on, while the T90 can last for up to nine hours so long as its adaptive ANC is not in use.

Both models' charging cases come with a feature that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria on the earbuds using UV-C light. Plus, the T90's charging case doubles as a Bluetooth transmitter that lets you add wireless connectivity to source devices that don't it. If you have sensitive skin or get an allergic reaction to most earbuds, it's worth noting that the T90s have medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels, as well.

LG Tone Free T90
LG Tone Free T90

LG has yet to reveal how much the new earbuds cost, but they will be available in the US starting in September.