Marvel's Avengers showed players' IP addresses on screen after the latest patch

A patch to fix the issue has been deployed.

Hawkeye and Maestro (Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix)

A patch for Marvel's Avengers just rolled out that adds a new event and villain sector. Along with fixing some bugs, the update has introduced a new one: some players are seeing strings of text on their screen, which include the system's IP address.

The text also contains the player's username and the date and time, according to Forbes, which first reported on the bug. Several players have reported on the game's subreddit and Twitter that they're seeing the text as they play.

Since this story was originally published, another patch was released that fixed the issue.

After the bug was first noticed, the Marvel's Avengers Twitter account was updated to note that the developer is testing a solution. The account also recommended players shouldn't stream or post screenshots until the problem is fixed.

The Marvel's Avengers Twitter account acknowledged an "issue where a floating string of text appears on the screen," but didn't mention specifics. It urged players not to stream the game while it works on a fix. Engadget has contacted publisher Square Enix for comment.

This isn't a catastrophic bug, unless you stream Avengers gameplay or anyone else is able to see your screen. But it's pretty bad, and the latest in a long line of hiccups for this game.

Even though Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix delayed the release date for several months, players encountered hundreds of bugs at launch, many of which were fixed in an update a couple of weeks later. Key updates such as the addition of more heroes and the current-gen console upgrades were delayed. Marvel's Avengers also failed to meet Square Enix's sales expectations.

Update, 3:45PM ET: Updated to note details on an upcoming fix for the issue.

Update, 6/23/21, 2:00PM ET: Updated to note another patch was released for Marvel's Avengers that fixed this bug.