'Microsoft Flight Simulator' will have an in-game store for mods

Only approved partners can sell their add-ons in that marketplace.


Microsoft Flight Simulator is a seriously big game — one physical version will be available on 10 DVDs, after all. You’ll be able to navigate a simulation of the entire planet and it’ll incorporate live, real-world flight and weather data. It also has a shared-world multiplayer system that Asobo Studio says can handle hundreds of thousands of planes at a time.

But if you’re still yearning for more, you’ll be able to buy add-ons for planes, airports and more through an in-game marketplace for the first time in the series. The development team said the franchise’s modding community “has been incredibly vibrant, delighting simmers with their creativity for many years.” Only approved creators can sell their add-ons in the marketplace, though. You’ll need to apply for access if you want to hawk your wares there and there’s no charge to sign up.

Microsoft noted that the marketplace is essentially a centralized channel for creators to sell items, and players can pick them up without leaving the game. Modders can set their own prices, check out how well their digital goods are performing, see how much revenue they’re generating and automatically receive payments from the marketplace. Whether or not they’re approved, creators can still offer their add-ons via other sites and storefronts.

Flight Simulator will be released on PC on August 18th. Microsoft has yet to reveal when it’ll arrive on Xbox One.