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Apple iPod Touch 7th-gen

Apple iPod Touch 7th-gen

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Apple finally updates the iPod touch with an A10 chip

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you -- after four long years, Apple has updated the iPod touch. The new version packs a much faster A10 Fusion chip -- think iPhone 7 era -- that can keep up with modern iOS experiences like group FaceTime calls and augmented reality, not to mention newer mobile games. Apple has also given the storage a much-needed boost, with a new 256GB version joining the mix for those who need to hold absolutely everything.

By J. Fingas,   05.28.19



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Basically, the 2015 iPod got a brain transplant to keep it chugging along. Everything else about it remains unchanged making it an easy swap out for businesses that currently rely on the iPod, but a hard sell for most people.
PC Mag
Apple's 2019 iPod touch is a small, light handheld media player that's terrific for kids and anyone who doesn't want a full-fledged smartphone.
The only area the iPod touch is lacking in is performance which would most impact those wanting a very powerful gaming device. Those users can opt for an actual console or go with an iPhone — used or new. All of this means that Apple's modest upgrade to iPod touch is exactly what is needed in this day and age. A moderately powerful entry-level device that is exceptionally thin and small with lots of storage that appeals to a wide variety of users.
Tom's Guide
Get the iPod touch if you want to run the latest iOS apps but don't want to pay more than $200 for the privilege. A cheap phone would probably give you a better overall experience, though, especially in battery life.
The Verge
It’s unlikely to be anyone’s primary device, but for someone looking to just try out iOS for the first time or to keep one foot in the Apple loop, the new iPod touch fits the bill. For $200, you’ve got a functional piece of hardware that runs all of the latest iOS apps and games, can get Apple’s exclusive TV series, and lets you FaceTime with friends.
You probably don’t need to buy an iPod touch for yourself, unless you’re like me and have a bit of nostalgia for the iPod and just want to use a super-mini version of your iPhone. Part of me wishes this was a full-fledged iPhone, though. It’s so attractive at its size that, with a bit more battery life and better cameras, it could serve as a pretty compelling iPhone mini.
The iPod touch doesn’t come close to iPhone or even iPad numbers, but it must sell enough to justify Apple doing a refresh. From what I understand, a lot of that demand comes from the enterprise retail and warehouse sector (for POS and inventory purposes).The iPod touch, the cheapest and smallest iOS device that Apple sells, will no doubt appeal to parents with small children as well. Its versatility and performance as an inexpensive gaming and education platform, shouldn’t be overlooked.
Not everyone needs an iPod touch, but at the fraction of the cost of a new iPhone, it's the perfect gateway into the Apple ecosystem or for use as a dedicated device.
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