Samsung begins offering support requests via WhatsApp in India

The aim is to help people avoid contact during the pandemic crisis.

hocus-focus via Getty Images

With the COVID-19 crisis continuing unabated in India, more folks than ever are relying on their smartphone. At the same time, the pandemic means it’s not easy to get help if you have a technical problem. With all that in mind, Samsung has introduced Customer Care for WhatsApp, an ultra-popular service in India.

It will be available on Samsung’s WhatsApp support number (1800-5-SAMSUNG) from 9AM to 6PM, seven days a week. “[Users] can seek technical support for any Samsung product, get information about service center locations, status of a repair, new offers and also request for demo and installation of Samsung products they have just bought,” the company said.

WhatsApp customer care is on top of other “contactless” forms of help including remote support, live chat, call center assistance and do-it-yourself videos, the company said in a press release. However, the new service is a nod to the popularity of WhatsApp, which is ubiquitous in regions where broadband service is spotty or non-existent.

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