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What's on TV this week: HBO Max, 'Space Force' and 'Uncut Gems'

Also: 'Killing Eve' season finale,' 'Ramy' and 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'
May 25, 2020
Steve Carell in 'Space Force' AARON EPSTEIN/NETFLIX

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This week HBO makes its assault on streaming with the new HBO Max service. At launch it will include tons of archival content like the back catalog of Friends, Rick & Morty and 2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as a fleet of new original shows, movies and specials hoping to get your attention on Wednesday.

I’m looking forward to the new Looney Tunes Cartoons, as well as the comedy/drama series Love Life with Anna Kendrick, but there’s a lot more to choose from.

Of course, Netflix is the current giant in streaming and it’s not laying down for the newcomer. This week it already added Uncut Gems for viewers in the US, and later this week it will premiere a Jeffrey Epstein documentary series and the new show Space Force starring Steve Carell. Sports fans can get their fill via esports with 2K League and The Race, or live action with two NASCAR races, Korean baseball and UFC.

Last but not least, games can check out the Minecraft Dungeons game, while on Xbox, there’s The Last Scape. It’s a hot air ballooning game filled with detailed LIDAR-scanned imagery that promises a Smart Delivery upgrade when the Xbox Series X arrives later this year. Look below to check out each day's highlights, including trailers and let us know what you think (or what we missed).

Blu-ray, video on-demand & Games

  • Uncut Gems (Netflix)

  • The Invisible Man (4K)

  • Maniac (4K)

  • The Deer Hunter (4K)

  • Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

  • Scorsese Shorts (Criterion)

  • Minecraft Dungeons (Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4)

  • Phantasy Star Online 2 (PC)

  • Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath DLC (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia)

  • The Last Scape (Xbox One / Xbox Series X Smart Delivery enabled - 5/29)

  • XCOM 2 Collection (Switch - 5/29)

  • Borderlands Legendary Collection (Switch - 5/29)

  • Little Misfortune (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC - 5/29)

  • BioShock: The Collection (Switch)

  • Genetic Disaster (PS4, Switch)

  • Resolutiion (PC, Switch)

  • Castle Pals (PS4, Xbox One)

  • Missile Command: Recharged (PC, Switch)

  • Atomicrops (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

  • Indiecalypse (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One - 5/29)


  • Fuck, That's Delicious, Vice, 10 PM

  • American Dad, TBS, 10 PM

  • Songland, NBC, 10 PM

  • The Baker and the Beauty, ABC, 10 PM

  • Most Expensivest, Vice, 10:30 PM

  • Desus & Mero, Showtime, 11 PM


  • Hannah Gadsby: Douglas, Netflix, 3 AM

  • Fraggle Rock!, Apple TV+, 3 AM

  • KBO League Baseball, ESPN, 5:25 AM ET

  • America's Got Talent (season premiere), NBC, 8 PM

  • Deadliest Catch, Discovery, 8 PM

  • Our New Reality, ABC, 9 PM

  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow, CW, 9 PM

  • The Genetic Detective (series premiere), ABC, 10 PM

  • Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBO, 10 PM

  • World of Dance (season premiere), NBC, 10 PM

  • The Last O.G., TBS, 10:30 PM


  • Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich (series premiere), Netflix, 3 AM

  • Ghosts (S1), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • Craftopia (series premiere), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • Home (S1), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • Legendary (series premiere), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • On the Record, HBO Max, 3 AM

  • The Not Too Late Show with Elmo (series premiere), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • Stath Lets Flats (series premiere), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • Trigonometry (S1), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • Love Life (series premiere), HBO Max, 3 AM

  • I'm No Longer Here, Netflix, 3 AM

  • Mrs America (season finale), Hulu, 3 AM

  • Tooning Out the News, CBS All Access, 3 AM

  • KBO League Baseball, ESPN, 5:25 AM ET

  • NASCAR Cup Series Alsco Uniforms 500 @ Charlotte, Fox Sports 1, 8 PM

  • The Challenge, MTV, 8 PM

  • WWE NXT, USA, 8 PM

  • The 100, CW, 8 PM

  • Game On! with Gabriel Iglesias & J.R. Smith (series premiere), CBS, 8 PM

  • AEW, TNT, 8 PM

  • The Oval, BET, 9 PM

  • Ultimate Tag, Fox, 9 PM

  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (season premiere), ABC, 10 PM

  • American Soul: 1975 (season premiere), BET, 10 PM

  • What We Do in the Shadows, FX, 10 PM

  • Crank Yankers, Comedy Central, 10:30 PM


  • Intuition, Netflix, 3 AM

  • Ruthless BET+, 3 AM

  • Bruh, BET+, 3 AM

  • The Good Fight (season finale), CBS All Access, 3 AM

  • KBO League Baseball, ESPN, 5:25 AM ET

  • NBA 2K League, ESPN2, 7 PM

  • Celebrity Watch Party, Fox, 8 PM

  • Who Wants to be a Millionaire: In the Hot Seat, ABC, 8 PM

  • Burden of Truth, CW, 8 PM

  • Council of Dads, NBC, 8 PM

  • Man With a Plan, CBS, 8:30 PM

  • In the Dark, CW, 9 PM

  • Blindspot, NBC, 9 PM

  • Broke, CBS, 9:30 PM

  • To Tell the Truth, ABC, 10 PM

  • Siren (season finale), Freeform, 10 PM

  • Misery Index, TBS, 10:30 PM

  • Vagrant Queen, Syfy, 11 PM

  • Desus & Mero, Showtime, 11 PM


  • Ramy (S2), Hulu, 3 AM

  • Space Force (S1), Netflix, 3 AM

  • Somebody Feed Phil (S3), Netflix, 3 AM

  • Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person in the Room, Netflix, 3 AM

  • Central Park (S1), Apple TV+, 3 AM

  • The Vast of Night, Amazon Prime, 3 AM

  • Arashi's Diary Voyage, Netflix, 3 AM

  • Helpsters, Apple TV+, 3 AM

  • Disney Gallery: Mandalorian, Disney+, 3 AM

  • Be Our Chef, Disney+, 3 AM

  • Defending Jacob (season finale), Apple TV+, 3 AM

  • One Day At Disney, Disney+, 3 AM

  • KBO League Baseball, ESPN, 5:30 AM ET

  • Harley Quinn, DC Universe, 9 AM

  • NBA 2K League, ESPN2, 7 PM

  • Haircut Night in America, CBS, 8 PM

  • WWE Smackdown, Fox, 8 PM

  • Masters of Illusion, CW, 8 PM

  • Jesus Trejo: Stay at Home Son, Showtime, 9 PM

  • Friday Night in with the Morgans, AMC, 10 PM

  • Betty, HBO, 11 PM

  • ELeague: Super Punch, TBS, 12 AM


  • J-Style Trip, Netflix, 3 AM

  • The King: Eternal Monarch, Netflix, 3 AM

  • KBO League Baseball, ESPN, 3:55 AM ET

  • The Race: All-Star Series, ESPN2, 12 PM

  • The Captive Nanny, Lifetime, 8 PM

  • UFC: Woodley vs. Burns, ESPN, 9 PM


  • KBO League Baseball, ESPN, 12:55 AM ET

  • The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj, Netflix, 3 AM

  • Food City 500 @ Bristol, Fox Sports 1, 3:30 PM ET

  • Vice, Showtime, 8 PM

  • Naked & Afraid XL, Discovery, 8 PM

  • Hightown, Starz, 8 PM

  • Celebrity Family Feud (season premiere), ABC, 8 PM

  • Snowpiercer, TNT, 9 PM

  • 30 for 30: Lance - Part 2, ESPN, 9 PM

  • I Know This Much is True, HBO, 9 PM

  • Vida (series finale), Starz, 9 PM

  • Killing Eve (season finale), AMC/BBC America, 9 PM

  • Billions, Showtime, 9 PM

  • Laurel Canyon, Epix, 9 PM

  • World On Fire, PBS, 9 PM

  • Press Your Luck (season premiere), ABC, 9 PM

  • Quiz, AMC, 10 PM

  • Dirty John: Sneak Peek, USA, 10 PM

  • Match Game (season premiere), ABC, 10 PM

  • Call Your Mother, Comedy Central, 10 PM

  • Insecure, HBO, 10 PM

  • Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, Showtime, 10 PM

  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, HBO, 11 PM

  • Rick & Morty (season finale), Cartoon Network, 11:30 PM

All times listed are ET.

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