Spotify's Enhance feature puts suggested songs in your playlists

It's only for Premium users, however.


Spotify has long had plenty of tricks up its sleeve when it comes to providing recommendations, and its latest one is about making your playlists even more banging. The Enhance feature offers personalized suggestions of tracks to add to your playlists.

Premium users in some markets will soon see an Enhance button at the top of each playlist. If you turn on the feature, Spotify will add suggested songs to the list, one after every two tracks and up to 30 in total. If you like the recommendation, just tap the plus button to keep it on your playlist permanently. The feature is designed to add suggestions that match songs you already have on the playlist.

Spotify is rolling out Enhance on iOS and Android in 40 countries over the coming month, including the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and much of Europe. It plans to expand the feature, which will evolve over time, to other countries later.

The company has added other playlist features in recent months, including Blend, a playlist that brings together songs from your listening history and a friend's. Also relatively new is the curated Notable Releases playlist, which includes new tracks from prominent producers and songwriters.