TCL teases a 17-inch tablet that unfurls like a scroll

Just when it will come is another matter.


TCL hinted that rollable devices were coming, but it’s now clear one of them might be particularly ambitious. The company has unveiled a concept tablet built around a 17-inch rollable, printed OLED display — you even pull it open like you’re unfurling a scroll. While the on-screen images clearly don’t reflect what you’d get in a shipping product, TCL envisions using this for detailed maps on a hike and other situations where laptop-sized screens would come in handy.

The screen offers a “100 percent color gamut” and could translate to other devices, including TVs, foldables and commercial displays.

Just when you might see a tablet like this is another matter. Although TCL made clear that rollables like this are a matter of “when” rather than “if,” it didn’t narrow down a time frame or other details. Think of this more as a peek at where TCL is going rather than a product introduction, even if a tablet like this really does reach the market.