Tesla provides free off-peak Supercharger use during the holidays

Tesla is trying to limit already problematic overcrowding at its stations.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Tesla owners are already grappling with overcrowded Supercharger stations at times, and the company is taking extra steps to minimize those long lines during the Christmas travel period. According to Electrek, Tesla has made Supercharging free at some stations during off-peak hours (7PM to 10AM local time) between December 23rd and December 26th. The stations tend to be near major routes and urban centers, and are limited to 11 states including California, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The EV maker has tried discounting off-peak Supercharger rates before, but there have still been significant waits at some stations. Free charging during these hours is relatively new, though, and might entice owners willing to leave early (or late) to save recharging costs.

The promo underscores a growing problem for Tesla: its Supercharger network is straining to handle an ever-larger customer base. Tesla has acknowledged the issue and vowed to triple the size of the network within two years, but even that might have its limitations when the company is piloting support for non-Tesla EVs. Don't be surprised if free off-peak charging returns on occasion to help Tesla manage growth.