There's a new The Witcher board game on the way

It's coming to Kickstarter in May.

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Go on Board

The Witcher series is already quite the franchise, consisting of video game, novels, and a TV series, along with an upcoming anime and prequel. You might not remember that developer CD Projekt Red also developed a board game version back in 2014. Now, the company has announced that it’s creating another board game called The Witcher: Old World in partnership with publisher Go on Board.

The card-driven adventure game, designed for two to five players, takes place “long before times of Geralt of Rivia,” the publisher wrote. You’ll take on the roll of a professional monster slayer after completing the “brutal training” in one of the witcher schools, including the School of the Wolf, Bear, Manticore and Crane. You’ll be able to battle monsters, sign up for contracts and even fight witchers from competing schools. The deck of cards will determine hit points and triggers for abilities and attacks, while impacting your overland travel speeds.

Go on Board already has two successful Kickstarter campaigns under its belt. The new board game, designed by the company’s co-founder Łukasz Woźniak, will offer starter and deluxe versions with complex miniatures as shown above. The Kickstarter for The Witcher: Old World goes live in May, with delivery expected by April 2022. So far, prices or any Kickstarter stretch goals have yet to be announced.