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E3 2011 wrap-up: Wii U, PS Vita, and a whole lot of motion gaming

Tim Stevens

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This year's Electronics Entertainment Expo was pretty amazing, featuring plenty of fresh new hardware and some... innovative titles for serious consoles. Sony renamed its NGP to PlayStation Vita, while Nintendo unveiled its Wii successor, designated only by an extra vowel: U. Despite the (now even more) goofy name, the Wii U stole the show, its 6.2-inch touchscreen controller opening the door to a world of potentially awesome games -- and to what will surely be a whole new generation of shovelware. The show may be over, but the our coverage still burns -- just like our hearts after one last night at Daikokuya.

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But that's only the beginning! Be sure to check out our E3 2011 event page for the full suite of news.

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