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May 1st 2014 11:56 am

How would you change Nokia’s Lumia 620?

When Nokia launched the Lumia 620, it looked as if the company had perfected the formula for what an entry-level smartphone should be. The hardware and performance was great despite the slow internals, Windows Phone 8 worked well and it was priced to move. A year later and the Moto G may have supplanted as your go-to budget device, but we want to know your feeling on what the last 12 months with the 620 has been like. What do you love, what do you hate, and what would you change?

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I love the design and fun color (I have yellow back cover), performance is good - haven't had any problems (using almost a year). I choose Lumia 620 because of size - it's no so big like most smartphones, it still fits in pocket. I have tablet too, and didn't need another big screen.
I somehow managed to scratch the screen while phone was in my purse - I was under impression that you can't scratch screen that easily.
But most of my issues are with software -
  • media volume and ringtone volume is the same - which causes problems when listening music loud/quiet - making the ringtone too loud or too quiet
  • can't play music from folders, I have big music collection and not being able to play from folders, it's nightmare with id tags and playlists
  • setting tab seems too chaotic - hard to find something specific quickly
  • coming from android was disappointed about lack of apps, especially free ones
  • would like to have more themes and accent colours
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most of those issues are now rectified with 8.1 update, well for the apps i agree its way behind android/ios in quality apps
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that's great! looking forward to getting that update then! :)

update: I just upgraded to 8.1 - indeed lots of issues have been solved and phone is better than ever!
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I've owned Limua 620 for about a year and really love the device. Two things I would change:
1. A harder screen glass. I've broken mine twice already. Never happened with any phones I've owned before.
2. Better battery life.
3. And please keep the screen size as it is, I want a phone that fits in my pocket AND in my hand.
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Well, we've seen the 630, so we have Nokia/Microsoft's answer... me, I would've done it differently.

The big thing: 1GB of RAM. I know Windows Phone is getting better about memory usage, but 1GB would futureproof it.

Also, while I'm not irked by the disappearance of the flash by itself, I would've liked to have seen a significantly upgraded camera sensor in return -- something you know can pull off some decent low-light shooting. I have a hunch that we're going to see a lot of blurry nightclub photos from 630 owners.
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I own 620 top notch display , goo sound , solid performance , but battery back up is not good . id like nokia to launch a worthy successor to 620 with 4 inch cbd screen , 1gbram , larger battery + all the features which 620 currenly have like ffc , camera with a flash
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I have the Lumia 620 since last november, and i love the phone in all of it's aspects and recommended it to all of my friends who doesn't want a expansive phone (it's definetly the best phone for the price, no doubt of that!), but i would change a few things in it:

Better touch screen sensor (it doesn't work pretty well when my fingers are sweating)

Better compass (it is always telling me to calibrate. When it works, it's good, but it doesn't happen everytime that i want it to use)

It could be thiner (but made with a equal resistant material)

it could have 1GB of ram

the battery could definetly be better (something like 1500-1600 mAh would be perfect and would not affect much the size of the phone.

if all of this will be fixed, i'm buying it's sucessor!
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Still only 512 MB of RAM, but the battery is now 1,830 mAh, and it's down to 9.2 from 11 mm.
Strangely enough though, they've removed the front-facing camera, and the flash on the back :/
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Making it thinner and bumping the RAM to 1 GB would have been great.
A slightly larger battery capacity would have helped a lot too. It's a budget device though, so you can't expect all the bells and whistles
I'm totally confused by their decision to remove the front-facing camera though! I mean, removing the flash is explainable, but this is a cheaper phone that's being marketed to a younger crowd, and if it doesn't have a FFC, it's going to be an extremely tough sell.
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I love the Lumia 620. Even now that I've given it to my sister, I still get a bit nostalgic/jealous every time I see it. But I would definitely want to see an improved budget Lumia with:

- a thinner body
- 1 GB of RAM
- better battery life
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I have a lumia 620, using it for the last 4 months. pretty decent. i'd like the following:

1- better battery life

2- a bit more slimmer

3- a nice protective shell. because the default back cover/ shell is not so good that it allows lot of dust particles inside the phone. i saw a waterproof shell (cc 3061) is relesed for 620 lumia, but no one has a clue about it. not at least in India.
i'd like to see a redesigned back cover which will make the phone a bit more slimmer and secure. (i dont think nokia will even care to make one at this point of time!!!)

4- separate volume for ring tone and music. this is a bit annoying.

5- no short cut to silent mode. for that you need to go to settings and then turn off vibration and ringer. seriously, dont know what nokia was thinking while developing a "SMART" phone!!

6- and need continuous bug fixes
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ich schreibs mal lieber auf deutsch mein schlechtes englisch will eh keiner lesen :-D
Ich hab das lumia 620 nun auch über ein Jahr im täglichen Einsatz, und ich kann nur sagen ich bin schwer begeistert. (ich hatte zuvor ein 920 und fand es furchtbar so einen Klotz mit sich herumtragen zu müssen)
Das (leider) einzige Windows Phone das noch kompakt genug ist um es jeden Tag zu jeder zeit in seiner Hosentasche dabei zu haben.

Was ich inzwischen ändern würde ist:
- einen Tick dünner aber noch immer mit Wechselcover
- ein bissel mehr akku
- mehr cpu Power und Ram.. (wird langsam doch etwas träge vorallem mit WP 8.1)
- lte support (ist in meiner Region Deutschlands besser ausgebaut als UMTS)

Schade das die nachfolger so groß sind.

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owned the Lumia 620 for more than a year now, i would like nokia to :
- upgrade the ram to 1 gb (would see less of the resume screen probably)
- also a bigger battery ( the current one possess a middling battery life, pisses me off sometimes)
- and probably get that water resistant cover (cc-3061) available everywhere!
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Originally I purchased a Moto G but returned it because of poorpoor Rogers cell reception in my officeoffice. Replaced it with a Nokia 620 that has excellent Rogers cell reception in my office! It was half the price of the Moto G (I only paid $115 for the 620 including $15 to unlock it from Telus). With a cell phone I expect excellent cell reception which I get from the 620 but not from the Moto G. I like the size of the 620 and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to download all the apps that I use and the Nokia Here Drive and Maps apps. I also find the 620 easy to use and find the expandable memory useful. Improvements? More RAM (1GB or more), easy access to expandable memory card, higher resolution screen (at least 1280*720)
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I own a Lumia 620 for about a year now and all I can say is that I'm completely satisfied with this phone, except for two major areas:
  • firstly it's the RAM. I know it's an entry-level smartphone and I'm not suppose to expect very much, but putting 1GB RAM for the future wouldn't have killed them.
  • second would be the applications. Once again, I know Windows Phone is not the major player compared to iOS or Android, but the lack of quality apps more times than not disheartens potential buyers.
On the other hand, knowing Nokia's build quality and Windows Phone simplicity, it's a pretty good phone, compared to same level competitors.
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First of all Processor, RAM.
Alot of things to change for WP but one thing I would like for Windows Phone to keep, which is the stable and elegant operating, its elegancy is like iOS way better than android (can't say about 4.4)
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Nokia 620 is perfect when it comes to form factor, I have had mine since it was released. Screen size is perfect. I would like to see it updated to the latest Gorilla Glass, better quality display (HD Display), add 1GB RAM, 16GB Storage, Better Battery, Snapdragon 805 processor, LTE and updated sensor technology. I have an HTC 8XT on Sprint and I keep my 620 active on T-Mobile because it is so small and fits so perfectly in my hand. (by the way I am 6'6" tall, 240lbs). My daughter wants me to give her my 620 because her Lumia 810 is to big.
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When my 4 years iPhone 3GS broken, I had to buy a smartphone with WhatsApp (very popular in Brazil). I didn't have enough money to buy a new 5c or 5s and I don't want an Android at all. So I considered buying a Nokia. Almost all my phone before iPhone was Nokia devices. So I give it a try. Here it goes a mix of Windows Phone 8 platform experience from someone who came from iOS (and iPhone 3GS) and the smartphone itself…

I like - Nokia Lumia 620
Small phone (fits in your pocket)
Small screen (you can use with one hand)
Display quality (beautiful colors and you can actually use in daylight)
Design - round edges (just like my old iPhone) and the colorful changeable cases
Camera (Better than my old one)

I like on Windows Phone 8
Live Tiles and Application List (It's just two screens - very easy)
Outlook and Skydrive integration
Microsoft Office
Fits the applications on horizontal (more than iOS)
Videogame emulators (correct me if I'm wrong, but i don't have this on iOS)

What I dislike - Nokia Lumia 620
Battery life
Turn off constantly
Wifi don't work properly

What I dislike - Windows Phone 8
Internet Explorer 10 (c'mom Safari or Chrome are better) and Bing

Iphone keyboard and screen sensibility are better
iOS has a mature AppStore
I use OS X, I don't like Windows Phone App for Mac
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Don't have a Lumia 620 but i do have some cool design smartphones concepts on facebook.com­/SHEMG facebook.com­/SHEMG and other gadgets as well
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Don't have a Lumia 620 but i do have some cool design smartphones concepts on facebook.com­/SHEMG facebook.com­/SHEMG and other gadgets as well...... twitter.com­/mannykite
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The biggest, or in this case smallest thing I would change about the Lumia 620 is the screen size. The display is simply too small to thrive in today's market. When looking t purchase a budget Windowsphone last year I considered buying a 620, instead I went for the 625 due to its 4.7" screen.
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no no, screen size is exactly right - it's fine if you want bigger screen - there is lots of phones out there with massive screens, but there should be smaller screen smartphones as well for those of us that still want to put their phones in pocket, or, you know, use it with one hand.. :)
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