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August 1st 2014 11:53 am

How would you change Samsung’s Galaxy S4?

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones on the market, and we’d wager that a hefty proportion of our readers use it as their daily driver. When we placed the device in front of our mobile expert Brad Molen, he was full of praise, with one or two exceptions. In his mind, the only thing that kept the Galaxy S4 from a perfect score was a tired design and some user interface decisions that didn’t really work. But what about you? Did you love this device as much as he did, and if not, why not tell us?

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I am an iPhone convert because I didn't like the way they issued new software that would make my current iPhone next useless. After the initial week of getting used to android, I truly enjoyed the experience and the fantastic way that the S4 worked. Until a few weeks later and I got a update software messaged, thinking how can it be improved?. Kitkat 4.4.2 has all but killed my S4. Black screen freeze, random rebooting particularly when I am on the motorway so having to start the satnav, truly dangerous also s voice just doesn't find people in my address book, so again when driving and in hands free mode it is infuriating shouting at your phone and eventually having to pull over to make that call. I ring my provider regarding the problems and all they want is to send the phone away for repair, when I know full well its software related. I can't let my phone leave me because I need it to run my business. Even considered buying another phone. This software update has ruined my experience of the ownership of what I am sure is a market leading product by the thoughtless way that samsung and Google have royally ruined a superb phone. Come on guys get a grip because if someone comes out with a phone that performs as it should you will lose a lot of customers. This phone is at times not fit for purpose
I also have bought a spare battery and charger because the battery life is pityfull.
Well that's my review I await kitkat 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 with trepidation.
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Sounds like the classic symptoms you get after an update without the reset, have you tried that? Wipe your cache etc, hopefully that'll remedy the problem. It's worked for me before I moved away from stock ROMs altogether.
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Tried the full factory reset after speaking with a help desk technician from my service provider. Didn't resolve the problems but did take me a whole day to get my phone back to my setup, and yes I emptied the cache too. After talking to the Samsung and O2 techies I am of a mind to buy a second s4 or an s5 and keep both updated so when one has a firmware upgrade I can test it for a week or two and then use the other one while I send it for "repair" !!! Samsung/Google/O2 you suck...
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I too converted from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S4 and instantly fell in love. The bigger screen, such a beautiful display, blazing fast. Wonderful camera with a handful of useful features, however...

After I learned how Android has to do its updates (and I understand, it's mostly out of their control) TouchWiz is really big and bulky, as well as outdated looking compared to the Nexus or current gen LG phones. When compared to other flagship phones, it doesn't seem like any other android device has such a resource hog of an interface. Sure, my phone is much faster than the iPhone 4 that I previously had, but it is being held back.

Before I bought the S4, I bought a Galaxy tab 3, 10 inch model, and I think the same about it. The interface is making it feel old and bulky.

Other than that, the features are there, it's only being held back by its interface.
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Know what you mean, mine was lightning fast before kitkat 4.4.2, now I get to the point where mine freezes and I keep pressing an icon and nothing happens. Reboot sometimes doesn't work either. So when I have to take my cover off and then the back cover and pull the battery it makes this phone feel like my first Nokia twenty years ago. This is surely not what we should be doing in the 21st century. When I spoke to my phone supplier they wanted me to either send the phone for repair or contact Samsung. They said go back to my provider. Surely both Samsung and the phone providers know that their half arsed software is at fault?
Just want the problems resolved.
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