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May 23rd 2014 4:08 pm

How would you change the Chromebook Pixel?

What’s the point of a halo device? After all, it’s designed to grab headlines and eyeballs more than it is a device that’ll be used by consumers. We put Google’s $1,500 (yup) Chromebook Pixel through its paces and found that its limited functionality couldn’t justify the ridiculous price, even if it was beautifully made and gorgeous. But what about you? We’re faintly sure that someone out there bought one of these things, possibly as a museum piece, so why not tell us just how much you liked or hated the experience?

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I'd lower the price, change it to a wider screen (16:9), add the Num keys on the right, and add some sort of function to add 1:1 screen mirroring with the Google Chromecast.
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I haven't bough a Pixel but, I have owned multiple Chromebooks and the only thing I would change about the Pixel is the price. I would lower it.
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I like the external elements -- I've used it, it feels like a high-end laptop. My main beef is that it's priced far too high for what you're getting, and that Google hasn't really updated the internals as much as it should.
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Better driver support for other Operating Systems. Let's face it, Chrome OS sucks!
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I just purchased one and had it for a week now. I love it. Its extremely fast, has an incredible screen(touch) and is designed and built to modern apple like specs. It has some flaws, as it gets hot and battery life is not great- both of which are a trade-off for the amazing screen and speed.
I invested in this as I want to be all in with cloud computing. It is a challenge to do all I can do with a PC but 95% of what I do regularly is easily done in Chome OS. The wave of new Chromebooks now entering the market will also serve 95% of what most people do regularly and these are very affordable- reasonable spec machines.
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I just bought the pixel (LTE 64 GB no 1tb) for 810 dollars used.
I believe what would dramatically decrease the pixel's price is by having the ability to choose what drive space we want:
EX: 1 TB for 3 years = $120/year = $360
100 gb for 3 years = $36
Because if you think about it - the real reason the pixel is so costly above the rest is because of it's awesome display (prob like 2/3 of the price) and the STORAGE!
So around 900-1000 dollars is about right without the 1tb storage. NEW that is.
$700-850 without the storage and USED. In my opinion.

And who even needs 1 tb of storage? I doubt I would be able to use 1 tb even in 10 years. Most of my storage on my desktop is from bloatware - and like 500 mb is composed of my word docs.

So to make this a more consumer friendly item, they should allow us to choose the storage space bonus we want.

I would probably just take the 100gb storage for 3 years at $72. $2/month or $24/year.

Thus, LTE model at $1449 without any storage bonus: $1449 - $360= $1089
3 years of 100gb: $1089 + ($24/year * 3years = $72) = $1161.

32gb WiFi only w/o storage: $1299 - $360($10/month or $120/year)= $939
32gb WiFi with 3 years 100 gb: $939+72 = $1011

Thus, a used pixel should be around 700-800 for a WIFI only; 800-900 bucks for a LTE because it doesn't decline in speed with usage. It is quite a transferable device.

As for specifications, I think by offering users the ability to add more RAM can get them more money because it is quite cheap these days. Plus, it let's the top of the line customers become more "Future Proof" by having better hardware.

The screen is alright, it makes sense for what google is trying to do. Because Web browsing is typically more useful on a taller screen than a wide one. Just takes some time to get used to it, but it is more efficient.

Keyboard is good quality, screen (obviously), trackpad.
Add 3.0 USB ports.
Better Battery? Well, you cannot compare this to a macbook, I would compare it to normal laptops, and 5 hrs is pretty decent. But a better battery would make it match the top of the line more effectively.
I typically am always using wifi, and if there is wifi, then there is a powerport to plug in.

And a more efficient cooling system. Many people have complained about it getting too warm.
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A better battery life would be nice. The ability to switch between two (or three) operating systems, all mounted on separate SSD drives, would be cool.
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