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December 26th 2013 12:06 pm

PlayStation Plus: when will the other shoe drop?

For a while now I've had friends touting the wonders of having a PlayStation Plus account: the free games, the discounts. But I was never willing to up the $50, so I passed, since I actually do have plenty of games to play already.

However, Amazon offering PlayStation Plus for $30 on Black Friday? That was too good a deal to pass up, so my boyfriend and I each bought codes: we redeemed one for now, and we'll redeem the other next year. Yesterday, Best Buy also had a good deal on PS+: $35. Only $5 more, still $15 off.

We browsed the store, amazed at what was on offer. Shadow of the Colossus! Borderlands 2! We downloaded Poker Night at the Inventory 2, and we are obsessed with it. We don't regret subscribing one bit, and I imagine will find it hard to go without.

In January they're going to have Bioshock Infinite, DMC, and Brothers for free! kotaku.com­/playstation­-plus­-in­-january­-will­-make­-y... This is... crazy.

Which raises the question: Sony is obviously making a big push with the release of the PS4 to get as many people signed up as possible. Offering discounts is one tactic, having great content is another. But how long will it last? Having a PS+ account is a great deal now, but will it always be this insane? Is this a sustainable business model? Assuming this is a temporary push, what do you think will happen first: content gets reduced on PS+, or will they just raise the cost of a subscription. My gut says the latter, even though it would put it more than the cost of an Xbox Live account. If they offer less content people will jump ship, but if they raise the price many are likely to just bite the bullet and ante up the extra dough.

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I think 2013 is looking kind of crazy for deals because either A. the content is that much better over 2012 or B. Sony is trying to keep people buying the PS3 knowing there isn't a ton of stuff on PS4 yet.

Either way I think they've always been doing good on deals for PS+ content. Looking back over the list (en.wikipedia.org­/wiki­/List­_of­_Instant­_Game­_Collect...) 2012 doesn't have as many standout games but it's still pretty damn good.

That said I don't think Sony will stop with this anytime soon. I feel like Sony is doing all they can to pull people over to the PS4 (as a personal anecdote, most people I know on the 360 are ditching MS in favor of Sony).
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PS+ has been this awesome from the get go. Sadly, I didn't participate early on and missed out on a ton of great deals. I don't think they'll up the cost anytime soon. Of course it's profitable to them, digital distribution is far cheaper than physical discs so they're not losing out on anything.
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Sure it's a lot cheaper, but how little of the cost actually goes to distribution compared to the cost of actually building the game? I'd imagine only a tiny fraction of what you pay actually goes into the distribution costs.
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The games are already paid for and have earned their worth back. So this is just extra money for them. Plus it's a steady cash flow. €/$50 a year is good money considering they have a lot of users.
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My argument was in response to "digital distribution is far cheaper than physical discs", which I kind of disagree with. For every physical game you buy, I'd be surprised if even 5% of the cost was because of distribution.
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Curious, but why are you going to wait until next year to redeem the other code?
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This is true, the codes do stack.
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Because then I can't apply them to two different accounts and get two years of benefits on both?

(Digital purchases apply to all accounts on the same machine... I could apply them to the same account twice, but that's not fair to the other person, namely me.)
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