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With every passing day, more people are ditching their landlines in favor of using their cellular phones as a combination device. Smartphones are no doubt excellent means of contacting other humans and managing our lives, but some of us miss the simpler days -- when a phone was just a phone. If you...

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April 29, 2011 at 5:20PM
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Still harboring some lingering doubts that the Desk Phone Dock is as real as you hoped it to be? Then it looks like you can now cast those worries aside, as our pals at Engadget Chinese have spotted the device in the wild following its debut at the China Sourcing Fair. Unfortunately, there's still ...

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There's not much more than renders and / or polished photos to see at the moment, but this so-called Desk Phone Dock is slated to make its debut at the China Sourcing Fair next month, and it shouldn't have much trouble turning some heads among all the usual iPhone accessories. Complete details (inc...

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