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6x Blu-ray media is far from new, but Moser Baer has just become the first company outside of Japan to develop and ship 1x to 6x BD-Rs. The New Delhi-based outfit actually popped up on our radar last year with claims of 8x Blu-ray recording media, and now it has "received product verification from t...

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December 16, 2008 at 10:06PM
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Indian manufacturing giant Moser Baer today announced development of 8x-capable Blu-ray Disc media, which would allow for a 2-hour movie to be recorded in under 15 minutes. This speed corresponds to around 3.3GB a minute, or 55MB a second, assuming a full dual-layer disc. Competing format HD DVD is...

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Ever heard of Moser Baer? We hadn't till we found out they were shipping their blank HD DVD's to OEMs. Apparently this company is the world's second largest manufacturer of optical media discs and occupies a 18% market share. The company is recognizing that optical media is in a transition phase and...

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