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After the headache-inducing bout of hacking woes that beset the corporation in recent weeks, a new Department of Justice-led investigation into Sony's US electronics division may have the company emptying that aspirin bottle. Details of the inquiry are scarce at the moment, but with the company's...

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June 29, 2011 at 4:41PM
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If all the extra accessories aren't making your Wii collection a mess, all the AA batteries you've thrown out have at least caused a lump in a landfill. To help out in the battery department, Sanyo has come up with the Eneloop charging station complete with a battery pack replacement pack for your...

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While one may assume that the above device is simply a USB flash drive in disguise, it's actually quite a bit more useful than that. You see, this rechargeable USB battery (á la the USBCELL) actually fits into any device that readily accepts AA cells, making it quite possibly the most 1337 ...

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