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This is how it starts: you feel bad seeing the robot "dog" get kicked, and the next thing you know it's nipping at your heels, pushing you back to work in the salt mines. Instead of using the film and TV trope to illustrate how morally bankrupt a villain truly is, Google-owned Boston Dynamics empl...

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February 10, 2015 at 1:02AM
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There's something about fire-breathing robots that just gets us giddy, so you can imagine our joy when finding one that gallops, too. The hand-built robot dog -- cutely coined LRRY-1 (pronounced Larry, we'll have you know) -- was built almost entirely from unwanted Citroën scraps, and not a s...

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You know what they say: 10 robot-god shut hatch, 20 robot-god open ventilation shaft. Wait, that's not right. No matter -- the late, great Aibo is, um, back? Korean robotics company Dasatech unveiled the -- ahem -- Genibo, fashioned after Spuds MacKenzie a bull terrier, capable of understanding 100...

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