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Better late than never, right? Two years after Verizon started selling its first MiFi device, T-Mobile is dipping its toes into the mobile hotspot market with the eponymous 4G Mobile Hotspot, which packs an HSPA+ radio and, like other hotspots, doubles as a USB storage device. As an HSPA+ device, o...

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April 27, 2011 at 8:00PM
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So along with new video resolutions, some slight PSone tweaks, and what was no doubt a bit of homebrew-busting code, it looks like the recently released 3.30 firmware for PSP also came bearing another little gift, in the form of a six-month pass to T-Mobile's WiFi Hotspot network. To cash in this ...

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So, you're not quite ready to spring for a copy of Vista, or maybe your system can't handle it, or perhaps you're running Mac OS or (gasp) Linux. Why should you be left out of those three months of free T-Mobile WiFi just because you don't kowtow to The Man? Never fear, it turns out it isn't all tha...

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