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Both NASA and Planetary Resources dream of capturing asteroids, but they need viable targets -- many space rocks aren't easily moved. The University of Strathclyde just gave those organizations some help by identifying 12 near-Earth asteroids that are relatively easy to catch. All of them would re...

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August 13, 2013 at 5:26PM
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Gene Roddenberry would have you believe that space is the final frontier. But really, the deep blue sea is more apt for that distinction. And without mega-rich hobbyists to fund exploratory plunges into those uncharted depths, science has had to seek out an alternative, more cost-effective means. ...

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With all the world domination posturing by robots, you wouldn't think they'd be so dang good all this humanitarian and safety-related stuff, but it seems if they aren't busy pulling somebody out of a building, they're inspecting those very buildings for structural integrity. These new bots by the...

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