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USB blankets are old hat (for better or worse), but the USB Heated Shawl takes an aged concept and makes it relevant again with the addition of a single clip. Clearly designed for elderly folks who aren't kept warm enough by the bottoms of their laptops and for the billions of cubical dwellers who f...

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August 20, 2008 at 8:11AM
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As if blanketing the rim of the River Thames with WiFi wasn't good enough to get us out of the office and into the park, the Evening Standard is reporting that the whole city of London will soon becomes "Europe's biggest wireless internet hotspot." As expected, some 130 base stations will be arran...

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If you think we were baffled after seeing Hello Kitty USB foot warmers, you probably can't imagine the speechlessness we all feel when seeing the USB-powered lap warmer. Considering that anyone who would actually toss out their hard-earned dollars on feline feet heaters would likely not have the w...

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