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It's over before it even began. Gigabyte has agreed to publicly apologize to ASUS over that little Energy Processing Unit spat they've been having. As part of the reported agreement, Gigabyte will tone down its "defamatory" comments while maintaining a more subdued supposition that its own DES techn...

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May 30, 2008 at 8:06AM
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ASUS is firing up the legal team to address what it perceives as defamation on the part of Gigabyte. In the line of fire is ASUS' Energy Processing Unit, which Gigabyte claims isn't a technological change on the part of ASUS, but instead "numbers marketing" and "cheating end users." Gigabyte says ...

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In OS X, you can always toss a file onto the command line instead of laboriously typing out a complete path name because Terminal supports drag and drop. Over at Murphymac, Murphy has posted a video showing you how to create a shell script using DES3 encryption to protect your files. It takes advan...

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