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While you're deciding if Google's latest hi-spec, low-fuss Pixel Chromebook is for you, we're still discovering things about it ourselves. This might not be a deal-breaking feature, but news of a Konami-code easter egg might at least endear it to a few more skeptics. Tap in the famous pattern and ...

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February 22, 2013 at 11:37AM
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Adding to the fun and games already hidden within its search box, Google's new not-so-secret addition gives you a quick way to calculate exactly how many degrees your favorite (or most obscure) actor falls from Kevin Bacon. Sure, it may take half the debate out of it, but at least the definitive a...

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No, not Metal Gear Solid's Snake. We're talking about the Snake that was popular before the smartphone was a twinkle in the industry's eye. Google has imbued YouTube videos with an engaging new easter egg that lets you play the apple-chasing game while your video stream buffers -- simply mash your ...

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