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It's hardly a matter of "if" -- it's simply a matter of "when." Now that Intel's Haswell CPU has found its way into the MacBook Air line, it's a given that Apple engineers are actively looking for ways to cram that very silicon into the rest of its laptop range. If a newly uncovered Geekbench repo...

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July 9, 2013 at 12:50PM
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Not only did some lucky gents in Vietnam get their hands on the new iPad while most people are still refreshing their delivery status page, they were also kind enough to run some benchmark tests. The results confirm that the RAM has been upped to 1GB, with the Geekbench score settling at 756. The p...

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For your viewing pleasure, we present the latest Apple rumor doing the rounds this Saturday afternoon -- namely, GeekBench results for a "new" Core i7 MacBook Pro. According to the results, what you're looking at above are the numbers for the MacBook Pro 6,1, sporting a nastified Intel Core i7 (dua...

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