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The wireless HD war is far from over, but 60GHz is sure making a push for becoming the top dog in the race. Gefen's latest relies on SiBEAM's wireless tech in order to transfer uncompressed 1080p footage up to 30 feet sans lag. You simply connect one box to an HDMI-equipped source (like, say, your

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January 20, 2010 at 10:02PM
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Gefen knows all too well how easy it is for new wares to get lost in the shuffle at CES, so it's opting to disclose its freshest gear a few days beforehand. This year's show will see four new devices in particular, so we'll start from the top. The Digital Audio Decoder with Dolby will be used to com

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Pretty easy, right? Gefen's new $199 GefenTV Ethernet over PLC Extender takes regular ole Ethernet and passes information through your home's pre-installed power lines in order to nix those plans of running 200-foot strands of CAT5 down the middle of your foyer. The device enables up to four Ethern

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