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Warriors in RIFT are usually all about hitting things with weapons. Sure, they drop in some variety, but the focus of the class has always been a strong set of swords or axes or whatever. And the newest soul revealed for the upcoming Storm Legion expansion continues the trend if you assume that "...

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September 15, 2012 at 11:00AM
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Marco Tempest calls himself a "technoillusionist" -- he combines magic tricks with the technological artistry (and occasionally the black-turtlenecked panache) of Steve Jobs. We last saw him hacking through an augmented reality illusion; this time he's using three iPods to enable his tricker...

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If you're one for intentionally playing tricks on your own mind, Optical Illusion of the Day just might be your bag. It gets its magic from Mighty Optical Illusions, a blog about all things visual trickery. I've never seen the blog before, and I'm not exactly a fan of their plastering ads in the mai...

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