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Remember the Canon PowerShot D10? The company's first ruggedized underwater cam was a solid snapper, but its bulky submarine-like design made it impractical for most surface-based shoots. The PowerShot D20 offers a drastic improvement over its predecessor in the appearance department, more closely ...

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February 9, 2012 at 9:24PM
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For the longest while, your options were highly limited in the waterproof / rugged point-and-shoot arena. In fact, it was arguably better to just buy a standard P&S camera and a waterproof casing for said camera than to worry over any of the standalone waterproof alternatives. When Canon introd...

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Well, we dug up some hands-on pics of that new waterproof Canon PowerShot D10 we've been hearing about recently. Obviously, since it's aimed at the "sport" set it has to be available in "camouflage," and since it's waterproof it has to be sort of bulky. As for the stats, this guy rocks a 12.1-mega...

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