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Your air conditioner may already be connected to the web, but what about that lowly air purifier gallantly battling dust in the corner? If a completely connected home is on the docket, prep your 270 bucks and get ready for an upgrade. Honeywell's latest air purifier includes integrated Bluetooth, ...

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April 18, 2014 at 12:27AM
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Ever since I started following RIFT, I've been entranced by the wide-open -- but not limitless -- class system. After all, the virtual world and everything populating it is only half the game; the other half resides in the avatar that sticks with you while you explore it all. Many MMOs have inter...

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Nah, USB-powered fans aren't anything special these days, but infusing a couple of 'em into a bizarre facial mask and marketing it to folks with allergies earns top marks in the outlandish department. Thanko, the folks who continually put the fun back into USB, is busting out yet another oddity th...

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