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Those of you familiar with the Dominion headsets from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will probably guess exactly what this wearable AR system does from the picture alone. Japan's institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology is putting the finishing touches on a device to help newbies thr...

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November 17, 2011 at 2:46PM
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Sorry, that's not actually Dark Helmet, it's a researcher demonstrating the latest Brain Machine Interface (BMI) cooked up for robotics. While it's not looking too portable, it's a far nimbler setup than the original MRI Scanner first concocted by Honda to control robots in near real-time back in 2...

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Another day, another fancy head mounted display vying for your hard-earned dollars. This time around it's Shimadzu, and rather than hanging the pirates and cycloptic individuals in the crowd out to dry, the DataGlass 3/A is designed to only interfere utilize one eye. Interestingly, this USB-powered ...

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