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We were plenty impressed when we saw the initial tests of AeroVironment's robo-hummingbird -- now officially dubbed the Nano Hummingbird -- but we can't say they quite prepared us for the final product that the DARPA-funded company is now showing off. Not only does the bot look and fly like a real

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February 18, 2011 at 7:10PM
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There's a new iRobot in the wings, ready for that all-important cat-in-a-tree incident your neighborhood has been gearing up for over the past decade. Well, kind of. The new iRobot Negotiator is designed for \"public safety organizations\" who don't need or can't afford the $100k PackBot 510. The Neg

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In case you were still wondering when you could get your hands on one those Erector Spyke bots, and for how much, we've got word that the bot will be hitting for £200 on April 9th, at least in the UK. That's about $390 in real people money, quite steep for what you're getting: a remotely acce

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