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The problem with owning the rights to Twilight is that the story eventually ends, meaning that there's no more massively profitable movies with glitter guy, mumbling girl and the shirtless one with all the teeth. It's a problem that Lionsgate knows all too well, which is why it's hoping to prolong...

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October 1, 2014 at 6:03AM
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Hey, remember how all the lawsuits got dropped over the holiday period and we thought AT&T and Verizon would finally start to coexist like mature entities engaged in a civilized industry? Yeah, that didn't last very long. Verizon is back with a biting ad campaign that continues poking fun at AT...

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In a shocking development, Twilight's mostly tween girl audience may not have quite bought into this Blu-ray thing yet, since despite selling 5.2 million copies of the weekend, the movie only managed to move less than 5% of that total on Blu-ray. Making the HD edition available only at Target and Be...

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