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When Nintendo announced the re-release of years old game controllers from the Nintendo GameCube home console, it was more than a little surprising. What's Nintendo doing re-releasing gamepads from 2001 for its still new-ish game console? And more importantly, why? It's because of crazy people like...

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October 27, 2014 at 5:30PM
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Nintendo planned a "Revolution" for your TV. When it arrived in 2006, it was a lot more fun than the confrontational term might imply. Revolution turned out to be the code name for the company's new console, and just before E3 that year Nintendo ditched the subterfuge and unveiled its official tit...

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Remember Anascape Ltd, the little "gaming company" that sued Microsoft and Nintendo back in 2006 for controller patent infringement? Well, it's payday to the tune of $21 million after a jury found Nintendo's Wii Classic, WaveBird, and Gamecube controller designs all guilty of violating Anascape's pa...

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