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It doesn't seem to have been originally announced as a part of Verizon's initial 38-city deployment, but Big Red's just unveiled that Charleston, West Virginia will be getting blanketed with LTE this year -- and some ten cities in the state will get the 4G treatment between now and 2013. The state'...

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October 21, 2010 at 8:52AM
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The brave souls who soldiered through the vast queue at the Gamestop in downtown Huntington, W. Va. were put through a rigorous gauntlet of trials and tribulations before being rewarded with Rockstar's blockbuster shoot em' up -- including, but not limited to a freak, unseasonal cold front; a some...

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As local news stations slowly make the move to HD around the country, we're taken to a rather surprising locale to find what could be the next to take the high-def plunge. WSAZ-TV, the NBC affiliate in Charleston, West Virginia, is reportedly "planning a transition to broadcast its local news in hig...

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