Daewoo DBD-8000 Blu-ray Player...and recorder?

Looks like Daewoo was dropping more than nav systems at IFA earlier this month. Lit in a lovely pancreas green was this Daewoo DBD-8000 HD Video Recorder. What it records to we have no idea since there's nothing listed in the specs or printed on that bland chassis. But that ShowView EPG icon bottom-left means it definitely records to something. However, if it records to Blu-ray Disc then it certainly trumps the supposed Panny first from yesterday. For sure, it plays Blu-ray Discs and includes a built-in DVB-T TV tuner (for Europe), HDMI out, DV in, and additional support for DVD, VCD, CD, and MP3 or JPEG laden discs. Oh hey, is that a DivX logo on the front? Sho'nuff. No drop date or pricing so if you've got the 20 then by all means, let us know. More pics after the break.

[Via HD Beat]