Infrant releases the ReadyNAS NV+

Evan Blass
E. Blass|10.12.06

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Infrant releases the ReadyNAS NV+
From past postings it would seem that Infrant has developed quite a little fan base for its ReadyNAS line of storage solutions, so all you NASheads out there will be happy to learn that the company has just added a new member to the family, the Gigabit Ethernet-equipped ReadyNAS NV+. Available in sizes ranging from 0GB (B.Y.O.HDD.) to 3TB, the four-bay NV+ adds several key features to the previous NV models, including a quieter design, LCD status window, and the RAIDiator 3.0 firmware that boasts enhanced power-saving features and improvements for Mac users. On the multimedia tip, you're getting built-in UPnP support along with SlimServer software (resulting from the partnership with Slim Devices that we recently reported on) for use with your Squeezebox or Transporter. You can pick up your own NV+ immediately, for anywhere between $650 for the diskless version and $2,999 for a massive 3TB black hole of storage.
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