Slim Devices Transporter reviewed

Back in July, we regaled you with a post about the Slim Devices Transporter, that super high-end digital audio stereo receiver. You remember, the one that plays WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, and FLAC at up to 96KHz sample rates over Ethernet or WiFi, right? Well, we've just spotted the first review of this $2,000 DAC from TrustedReviews. So, what's on the plus side? TR says the jacks are top-notch, bringing everything from a pair of gold-plated phono sockets to a word clock input. Beyond that, the front dials (or knobs, if you prefer) are high-quality and come in a slick brushed aluminum. But, on the minus side, the casing felt a bit flimsy to the reviewer's touch, noting that a flexible panel can vibrate along with the music, which is not usually desirable to the discerning audiophile. What about the audio quality? TR says that when compared to a traditional CD or a Super Audio CD, the Transporter "lacked the punch, presence and sheer excitement on offer from the humble disc spinner," and was generally left unimpressed by its lackluster performance and high price.