iPhone June 15 date a hoax -- game on

Sorry everybody, we hate to be the bearers of bad news for you iPhone obsessives, but that iPhone FCC letter dating it at June 15th? It was a hoax. Our eagle-eyed friends over at Phone Scoop noted that the confidentiality agreement document is, in actuality, photoshopped. We looked into the original filing for that new Airport Extreme base station (FCC BCGA1143), which expired January 15th (days after the Airport device was announced), and is so far as we can tell they're wholly identical (save a bit of photo manipulation). That confidentiality agreement outlines a device for use on all the right frequencies for an 802.11a/b/g/n device (5180 - 5240MHz, 5190 - 5230MHz, 5745 - 5825MHz, 5755 - 5795MHz, 2412 - 2462MHz, 2422 - 2452MHz), too, so there's not a whole lot of doubt left. So, to everyone who thought they'd be getting their iPhone this June: sorry, we're all still in the dark on when Apple's going to launch. Click on for a bigger shots of the hoax FCC doc.

[Thanks, Rich]