Sharp LC-52D92U 1080p LCD reviewed

CNET got their hands on the 52-inch version of Sharp's latest 1080p HDTVs, the LC-52D92U, that we first saw at CES. The good news is that it shares the deep black levels of its Aquos D62 predecessor, the bad news is it also brings along the unfortunate banding issues that plagued the previous generation. They also looked into the newly added 120Hz refresh rate that we're seeing in so many LCDs, and compared to a cheaper unit from Vizio, couldn't really tell the difference, even during fast moving action scenes. They didn't find many other issues with the set, commending its upscaling abilities and plenty of connections, but until the banding problems get resolved, Sharp's 8G-based panels will be a skip for most keen-eyed HDTV watchers.