DigiMedia's 4 port HDMI 1.3 switcher

We've seen an HDMI switch or two 'round here before but this is one of the first to promise full HDMI 1.3 compatibility. The DigiMedia HDMI switcher features a single HDMI-out with either 4 (HSG-401) or 2 (HSG-201) input configurations at cable runs of up to 10-meters. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll have to manually switch between sources unlike other autosensing HDMI switches we've seen. Fortunately, the included remote control will keep your azz firmly planted in the sofa. Hitting Japan in July, the HSG-401 will set you back ¥18,800 or about $152, the HSG-201 for just ¥13,800 or $112 -- not bad.

[Via Impress]