Crown Castle leases Modeo's airwaves

With AT&T and Verizon both selecting MediaFLO for their mobile TV needs, T-Mobile unable to make up its mind, and Sprint backing off, hopes seem to be fading that DVB-H-based Modeo will secure a deal with one of the national carriers here -- and accordingly, parent Crown Castle is looking to stem its losses. The company has announced that it has leased Modeo's bandwidth -- you know, the stuff it needs to actually offer a mobile TV service -- to two venture capital firms for $13 million a year, with an option to renew the lease for another 10 years or acquire the spectrum outright in 2013. How the firms intend to use their new found airwaves remains unknown, but unless Hiwire stays in this thing, there's a very real possibility that Qualcomm's going to be running unopposed in the mobile entertainment race this side of the pond.