Sorbo unveils a range of alt-power PMPs

While we've definitely seen some innovative ways to charge portable devices with solar and human power, but apart from the OLPC XO, not a lot of gadgets actually have the stuff built-in -- which is why it's such a shame these three PMPs from China's Sorbo aren't more appealing. The SB-5003 and 5006 models are just basic 128MB MP3 players (no other codecs are listed as supported), with the 5006 sporting a solar panel and the 5003 powered by a crank that Sorbo says "can power other digital things." The 5007 (pictured above) rocks both a solar panel and a crank -- and puts all that extra juice to good use, powering a 2-inch LCD, SD expansion, "MP4" support, ebook reader, "interesting game function," and voice recorder. No word on prices or availability for any of these bad boys, but wannabe resellers take note: once these things start flying off shelves, Sorbo says it can produce 100,000 of them per day. Check pics of the other two after the break.

[Via PMP Today]

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