Hands-on with E-Lead's Noahpad

We've gotta be honest, as we approached the Noahpad, we figured it was some sort of mockup or prototype -- the "keyboard" just doesn't look real. It turns out that's because it's not real, though, and that's by design. The tiny PC features two trackpads side by side with pictures of keys on them; running your finger over the key you want and pressing down actuates the key. A button switches between keyboard and mouse modes -- a little inconvenient perhaps, but hey, when you're holding the thing with two hands and using a pair of thumbs to type and navigate, what else can you expect? When you're too cool to use the Noahpad in traditional laptop configuration, it can be flipped completely around so that you're only looking at the display while the keypad is actuated with your fingers on back and navigated using an on-screen display (check the gallery to see what we're talking about). A little unorthodox, yes, but this sucker's one of the most versatile UMPCs we've yet laid eyes on.