Brando offers up CAT5 / CAT6 HDMI extenders

The same folks bringing you a colorful line of HDMI cables are also doling out a new set of HDCP-compliant HDMI extenders. Up first is the VP3OT001200, which enables 1080p signals to be carried an additional 30 meters over CAT5, promising signaling rates up to 2.2Gbits / second. If 30 meters won't quite cut it, the VP3OT001300 enables transmissions to go an additional 20 meters by utilizing CAT6 cabling instead. Both choices come with a power supply, sender and receiver module and can be snapped up now for $59 and $71, respectively.

Read - 30 meter VP3OT001200 HDMI extender
Read - 50 meter VP3OT001300 HDMI extender