LG next in line to buy LCDs from Sharp

Sharp's investment in 8G LCD manufacturing is paying off well, if the recent string of buyers for its panels is any indication. Sharp can now add LG to its list of customers. Once again, the insatiable cry for LCDs north of the 32-inch spec has played in Sharp's favor; LG has agreed to buy about 2 million 32-inch panels and an unspecified volume of 52-inch LCDs to shore up its supply. As "super-size me" marketing drives the premium brands to larger LCDs, expect to see more activity as well. Larger sizes will be one of the few differentiators from cheaper brands, and there's always the drive for dramatically lower prices. Any supplier that can meet those two demands will stand to make duckets! Meanwhile, take Sharp's predictions of large LCD pricing as a kind of gospel for now -- its panels are behind a "who's who" in the display world.